🌸 About Us 🍓

TLDR; Hi! My name is Katie- I’m the woman behind Aloha Mochi. I’m Japanese-American, born and raised on the Big Island in the state of Hawaii, graduated from the University of Oklahoma, and moved to California (Bay Area) in 2016. Here to spread the Strawberry Mochi love~!

Hi! My name is Katie - I'm the woman behind Aloha Mochi! I'm Japanese-American, born and raised on the Big Island in the beautiful state of Hawaii. I grew up making mochi with my mother and sharing with my classmates - and some had never tried mochi before! But everyone loves mochi.

During my college years I moved from the Big Island, to Oahu, to Seattle, and finally graduated from the University of Oklahoma (OU - Boomer Sooner!) with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Somehow I ended up working in Stillwater, and like I said, everyone LOVES mochi! I baked Hawaii's mochi recipes for my Oklahomie co-workers, like chichi mochi, pumpkin mochi, and blueberry butter mochi. 

In 2016, I moved to sunny California (Hi Bay Area!!) to be closer to my family in Hawaii. This was the first place where I tried strawberry mochi, and fell in love with it! During the infamous pandemic, it was difficult to get my hands on this precious mochi, and I decided to try making it one day, and then took the time to perfect a recipe and process. With a lot of determination and passion, we're here today to share some Strawberry Mochi love!

Thank you to my boyfriend Calvin for all of his constant support. Thank you for making mochi with me on a daily basis, being my #1 taste tester, letting me bounce ideas off you all day and night, and shopping around for the best strawberries. You da best~!!

And another thank you to all of our Mochi Fam helpers - we thoroughly appreciate all of your support and love! Shoutout to Laurel, Nicole, Teresa, Chris, Kelly, Carolyn, Luis, Phil, Jen, Kaila, Lindsay, and Rintu. And to the rest of our family and friends for all of your encouragement!!!